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It seems that everybody who’s anybody in the business is coming to Paros! And then, there’s also Richard.

In his dozens of Runthroughs so far, Rahdo has not wavered from his own style of showing, rather than telling boardgamers what a game feels like.

Well, his camera hand wavered a bit in the first “season”, before his successful Kickstarter campaign raised enough funds to help him make his Runthroughs look a little less like they were filmed during an earthquake.

The campaign also caught our attention, and resulted in Richard being able to come to Paros, and film Cardboard & Sun, as well as use the large and varied Alea Apartments collection for making as many Runthroughs as possible, without having to buy those games.

Since that campaign, Richard and BoardGameTravel have been talking to see how we can maximize his time in Greece, and that led to his latest campaign, where intended to raise money to make even more videos, such as interviews with board game designers and publishers like Artipia, Runthroughs of board game caf├ęs like Playhouse, and more.

As a reward, backers of the campaign get to participate in Cardboard & Sun and receive Thermopyles by Touko Tahkokallio. That campaign is ongoing and has in fact raised of the goal 50% already, but Kickstarter has said that it may run afoul of some unwritten guideline about hotel & travel as rewards.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

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