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Cardboard & Sun (6)

Why Paros?

Catan was fully booked. Also, Paros is home to Alea Apartments, owned and operated by board gamers, and home to a large collection of great games.


Why Greece?

This is a very difficult question to answer – the sun and the beautiful sea next to the beach that this FAQ list is being written on are very distracting.


Is there breakfast available? How about other meals?

Starting in 2018, Alea is serving breakfast! It is included in the fees, and you can see more details in their announcement here:

There are numerous tavernas and restaurants around Naoussa (and Paros) that serve excellent local and international food. There is also a supermarket a 5-minute walk away, as well as bakeries (sweet – 2 minutes, savory – 5 minutes) nearby. All apartments are equipped with a kitchenette and utensils.


How should I pack and dress?

Greece in the summer is dry, and hot. Bring airy, bright-colored clothing, and pack light – half the time you will probably be in your swimsuit and flip-flops.

However, Paros is windy, and for some, a nighttime stroll can be a surprisingly cool experience. We advise you to bring a thin, light spring jacket.

Swimming & beach attire are a must, as is a hat. We recommend that you purchase most toiletries locally, to save space in your luggage.

Pack smart. Do not bring large suitcases, as we will have to take a ship to the Paros. There’s no need to bring games, we will have access to plenty, even in Athens.


Are kids welcome?

In principle, yes. But, as you might imagine about a gathering of board gamers, there’s bound to be some late gaming, occasional cursing of luck, noise and long games.



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