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Cardboard & Sun 2018 will be held on the island of Paros, in Greece.

This year, our 6th, we will be at our usual place in Alea for 12 days:
Monday, 2 July – Saturday 14 July 2018

You can reach Paros in two ways – by sea, or by air.

To get to Paros by sea, you take a ferry from Piraeus, the port of Athens. You can do that in the morning of Monday, 2 July 2018.

To get to the airport of Paros (PAS) by air, you take a flight from the international airport of Athens. Two airlines fly to Paros, Aegean Air and Sky Express. It has been reported that it is cheaper to buy a flight to Athens, and then buy a separate ticket from one of these airlines, than it is to buy a ticket directly to Paros. Keep in mind any luggage limitations.

Yyou might be able to find some more offers later on next year, but do not wait too long. If you need to fly in a day or more earlier, or leave later, let us know, and we will ask Alea to give the best rate they can.

Athens, Greece by night

Athens by night

Even though the event starts on the 2nd of July and ends on the 14th, you can arrive earlier or leave later, if that would make flights cheaper. Contact us, if you are considering this. Coming to Paros via ship is cheaper than by plane, but then you would need to spend a night in Athens, which raises the cost significantly. For more details, check out the costs page.



Alea Apartments in Paros island, Greece

Alea Apartments

The event begins on the 2nd of July, where in the late morning, after a short welcome, everyone is free to settle in, have lunch, or perhaps set out for the nearby beaches.

There is a small cozy beach a 2-minute walk away, and a bigger, roomier one at 5 minutes away. Of course, one can already set up Puerto Rico, Ticket to Ride or more thematically, Cyclades.


The same night, we will enjoy a welcome dinner, and have a chance to talk, to get to know each other, and make plans for our stay in Paros.

Lefkes village in Paros island, Greece

Lefkes village in Paros

Alea Apartments reports that, for the first year, breakfast will be available this every morning. In addition, a fully stocked grocery store is 2 minutes away, and Naoussa is home to many great restaurants that range from small, intimate establishments with just four tables, to gastro-tavernas that serve world class haute cuisine.

The next five days (or twelve, if you are staying for both periods) will be free for everyone to enjoy the games, the island, and the hospitality of Alea. There are many other beaches within a short drive from Naoussa, and our hosts might even take us to some of the less well known ones.

There will be trips to the ancient marble mines and to the Ekatontapiliani church, guided by Aristides Varrias, an educator, scholar and sculptor of Parian marble & opal that still uses the ancient techniques to create contemporary art.


Board games at Alea Apartments in Paros island, Greece

Games at Alea Apartments

The game collection of 700+ games is at our disposal, and plenty of tables are available to play on. In addition, games may be taken to the rooms – as long as care is taken to return them in their original condition.

Board games at Alea Apartments in Paros island, Greece

Games at Alea Apartments

There are some rare and valuable games present at Alea, so please treat them as if they were your own!







Back to Athens, and return flights

Following what we hope to be the best boardgaming vacation ever, the event ends on the 14th of July – you can take a flight that day, or take the ship in the late afternoon.



The emphasis on this trip is individual freedom. You may decide that you would rather fall asleep on a beach, or you may like to roam the narrow alleys of Naoussa and Parikia. Or, you may want to roll dice, play cards and move wood on cardboard for the entire time.

In any case, we will be there to support you and do everything we can so that you have a great time!


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