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The following are included in the Cardboard & Sun 2018 fees:

  • Transportation from Paros airport to Alea Apartments in Naoussa
  • 12 nights’ accommodation at Alea Apartments, from 2 July 2018 to 14 July 2018 (room allocation is first-come, first-serve)
  • Welcome dinner in Paros
  • Welcome package in the form of a game box (Agricola-size, 1 per booking) containing a t-shirt (1 per person), maps and information about Paros, promotional offers from our partners, and perhaps more
  • Any goodies we can stuff the box with, including at least one published board game
  • Use of the game library at Alea, and visits as described in the trip overview
  • Breakfast (this would be the first year that Alea offers this – they are going to be working on the exact makeup of this throughout this year)
  • Transportation from Alea Apartments in Naoussa to Paros airport
  • All local taxes, administrative fees, insurance premiums, etc.



The prices for participation in Cardboard & Sun 2018 are charged per room.
Each price listed covers the inclusions as listed above for 2 participants. As a convenience, the price per person has been calculated below.
The additional cost for adding an extra participant to the room is 100 EUR.
The reduction for removing a participant from a room is 100 EUR (i.e. to have a room with 1 person).
Rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Floor Room # Price (per person)
(click for layout) (click for floor plan)

1st 101 1340 EUR (670 EUR / person)
102 1340 EUR (670 EUR / person)
103 1140 EUR (570 EUR / person)
104 1340 EUR (670 EUR / person)
105* 1340 EUR (670 EUR / person)

2nd 201 1540 EUR (770 EUR / person)
202 1540 EUR (770 EUR / person)
203 1540 EUR (770 EUR / person)
204 1540 EUR (770 EUR / person)

3rd 301 1540 EUR (770 EUR / person)
302 1540 EUR (770 EUR / person)
303 1540 EUR (770 EUR / person)
304 1540 EUR (770 EUR / person)
305 1540 EUR (770 EUR / person)

* Note that in 2018, room 105 will be smaller than the floor plans suggest. Although it might be bigger than expected, we set the maximum capacity at 2, to avoid any potential problems with capacity.

Strikeout text: Room reserved
Bold text: Room available. Note that one of the available rooms (whatever is left) will be occupied by BoardGameTravel.

Room 102 with 3 participants would cost 1340 + 100 = 1440 EUR, or 480 EUR / person.

Room 301 with 4 participants would cost 1540 + 100 + 100 = 1740 EUR, or 435 EUR / person.

The Athens option

The following are included in the Athens option:

  • Private taxi pickup at Athens airport
  • 1 night’s accommodation in Athens, on 1 July 2018
  • Transportation by ship from Athens to Paros
  • Transportation from the port of Paros to Alea Apartments in Naoussa
  • Transportation by bus from Alea Apartments in Naoussa to the port of Paros
  • Transportation by ship from Paros to Athens
  • 1 night’s accommodation in Athens, on 14 July 2018

The additional cost of the Athens option is 200 EUR per person.



Given that the Alea accommodation is now included in the fees, the old percentage discounts can not apply. Instead, we offer the following discount:

-30 EUR/person: Participants of previous Cardboard & Sun events, backers of any Kickstarter campaigns for games by LudiCreations, and volunteers at the LudiCreations Spiel 2016 booth.

Accommodation in Paros

When you book, please let us know of your room preference. You may see photos and floor plans here.



  • Airfare to/from Paros and/or to/from Athens
  • Meals beyond the welcome dinner and breakfast supplied by Alea
  • Personal and incidental costs such as shopping and local purchases
  • Personal medical, travel and accident insurance
  • Visas or any other necessary travel documentation
  • PayPal or other payment processing fees

To book, please visit the Book Now! page.

Flights to Paros

You might want to look for flights to Athens and flights from Athens to Paros separately. It seems that it is cheaper this way. Also, the prices are a bit high right now – you might be able to find some more offers later on next year, but do not wait too long. These airlines fly from Athens to Paros:



If you need to fly in a day or more earlier, or leave later, let us know, and we will ask Alea to give the best rate they can.

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