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In Paros, our home for the duration of the trip will be Alea Apartments, where you can experience the genuine Greek hospitality of the Varrias family, and specifically of the two boardgamer brothers that manage it.

We will spend 5 nights in Paros:
1st period: The nights of 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25 August 2017.
2st period: The nights of 28, 29, 30, 31 August 2017 and 1 September 2017.

The participants staying for both periods will be spending 12 nights in Paros:
The nights of 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 August 2017 and 1 September 2017.
This means two extra nights (and tree extra days) of boardgaming!


There are 14 different apartments and studios in 3 different floors, each accommodating 2 to 4 guests. All rooms contain a bathroom & shower; a kitchenette, cookware and a refrigerator; TV; and air conditioning.

The rooms on the upper floor have a large balcony, whereas the ground floor rooms open to a lovely yard, where most of the boardgaming will take place.

Contrary to previous years, rooms will be assigned by BoardGameTravel.com, and will be paid directly to Alea Apartments. It is most likely that the upper-floor rooms (with a balcony and a nice view) will go first, so don’t delay your booking.

Most rooms are suitable for sharing. Of course you can book an entire room for yourself, or inform us of your wish to be matched with compatible boardgamers. Most of the rooms have a door that separates one sleeping area from another. As in previous years, we will also be keeping a waitlist.



Floor plans:

Floor Room # Capacity Beds
(click for layout) (click for floor plan)
1st 101 4 1 double, 2 singles
102 4 1 double, 2 singles
103 2 2 singles
104 2 2 singles
105 5 1 double, 3 singles
2nd 201 4 1 double, 2 singles
202 3 1 double, 1 single
203 4 1 double, 2 singles
204 4 1 double, 2 singles
3rd 301 4 1 double, 2 singles
302 4 1 double, 2 singles
303 3 1 double, 1 single
304 2 1 double
305 3 1 double, 1 single



The entirety of the Alea Apartments board game collection will be available for use by the participants, including taking them to the rooms or elsewhere for playing. There are two main common courtyards with large tables, and a smaller area next to the game library. You may also take the rules to the beach to study them!

In addition, we will all be having a welcome dinner together at a local restaurant, on the first day of the trip, for each period. It is not compulsory to attend, but it is included in the price.

The Varrias family can also arrange for a tour of the ancient marble quarries and the Byzantine Ekatontapiliani church. This is subject to demand, and the exact timing will be determined when we are in Paros. Depending on their schedule, the Varrias brothers may join us in trips to beaches less frequented by tourists, the ones that locals prefer.



Two overnight stays in Athens are included in the price:

  • – 20 August 2017 (1st period) / 27 August 2017 (2nd period), to allow everyone to gather before taking the ship to Paros the next day, and
  • – 26 August 2017 (1st period) / 2 September 2017 (2nd period), because we arrive back in Athens late on that day, and so that departing flights can be booked to leave on the next day or later.

The Athens accommodation is provided at the Delice apartment hotel in central Athens. Participants will be grouped in apartments that fit 2-5 persons, where they will have their own rooms, but share a central living space for 1 night.

The Delice is within easy reach of the historical sights and the lively city atmosphere that a modern Greek city can provide. It is also 5 minutes away from a metro station that can take us to our choice of at least three board game cafés.

One other amazing experience that we had last year is http://athensclue.gr/, where we went and solved a few mysteries as a group!

Extra nights in Athens may be booked, to allow for whoever would like to spend more time exploring the city. Extra days before Paros allow everyone to get to know each other, while extra days afterwards allow for exploring Athens more efficiently, since more things will have opened again after the summer holidays.


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