Cardboard & Burning Sun!

Emil LarsenWell, not exactly. Although the sun can be quite hot, this year in Paros we expect sun or suns of a different nature.

We are very happy to announce that Emil Larsen, the designer of Burning Suns, which has had a long and interesting design story before its eventual triumphal funding on Kickstarter, will be the guest designer for Cardboard & Sun 2014.

Emil is a liutenant in the armed forces of Denmark, a game designer and an aspiring publisher, who has captured the imaginations of many boardgamers with his take on the space 4X game.

Besides bringing some new potential game content with him to Paros, we hope that Emil will be able to lend his creative drive to us in order to give event participants even more interesting & fun things to play with. Stay tuned, and subscribe to our newsletter for more details.

See you in Paros!