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BoardGameTravel.com is where you come if you:

Board games on the beach

picture by: BGG member zoula

  • – Enjoy board games.

  • – Love to travel.

  • – Get bored during “normal” vacations.

Board games are great, aren’t they? They let us escape to a more creative, interesting, happy place, and they allow us to enjoy the company of fellow gamers. However, they do present the average board game geek with the problem that they are, for the most part, bulky.

Due to the size of most games these days, it is difficult to visit a beautiful island or a ski slope with a couple of Dominion expansions in the luggage. Also, vacation time is much better spent than trying to figure out a nice place next to the beach to set up Ticket to Ride or looking for 5 other players for an apr├Ęs-ski Eclipse.

Well, this is where BoardGameTravel.com comes in. What we do is bring board gamers together in interesting places, to relax, explore and of course, to play board games!

Visit the rest of our website to see how we do that, and feel free to ask a question or two. We hope to see you at the next event!



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